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Personal Training

Martin has been a personal trainer for over 10 years; working with a diverse clientele of competitive athletes; busy business professionals; people in chronic pain, and people that want to lose fat, gain muscle, and look their very best. Martin brings to the table an entire new skill set and program for his clientele- effectively merging the fields of therapeutic nutrition, strength and conditioning, corrective exercise, and digestive wellness. His knowledge and ability are what set his program apart and what gives him the ability to get his clients their bottom line: real results.

  • Completely private personal training studio
  • Customized programs based on each clients personal goals and needs
  • Highly educated and capable personal training staff
  • Results-based personal training
  • Communication with your personal trainer via email or text message
  • Body composition manipulation expertise
  • Pre and postseason training programs for athletes
  • Corrective exercise, post treatment or working with your Physical Therapist

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corrective EXERCISE

The correction of soft tissue imbalances due to injuries from improper training techniques, work/lifestyle factors and direct trauma, are critical in the restoration of proper physical and neurological mechanics.

Without correction the anatomical structures and substructures are susceptible to chronic/repetitive overuse, improper facilitation (improper recruitment), poor stabilization, muscle imbalances, repetitive injury cycles, and the inevitable destruction of connective tissues and joint structures.

Chronic injuries in soft tissue that damage and weaken connective tissue structures leading to physical breakdown also lead into psychological/emotional degradation; which can create negativity, cessation of training programs and mental/physical depression.

Corrective exercise allows the client to regain optimal mobility in the joint via the addressing of soft tissue structures while in tandem reintegrating proper movement patterns and biomechanics in the central nervous system.

Corrective exercise is necessary and highly effective for all physiological and neurological rehabilitation programs; acute and pathological musculoskeletal syndromes created by direct or indirect trauma, bio-structural dysfunction, and damage created by improper exercise techniques/programs.

Clients Speak

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Personal Training and Corrective Exercise

Strength, Power and Performance Conditioning.

Personal Training Program

Comprehensive Structural Assessments and Program Designs.

Corrective and Restorative Exercise

Corrective and Restorative Exercise.

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