Suffering from a poorly functioning and imbalanced digestive system will rob you of your results in your training environment, and greatly diminish your health. Hydrochoric acid (HCL) is crucial for the proper breakdown and assimilation of nutrients from foods. HCL production is also vital for enzyme production, bile secretion, Liver detoxification, Adreanl Gland function, and a healthy and well bolstered Immune System. 60% of our Immune System is in our Digestive System. It is very possible to live for decades with a poorly functioning Digestive System; suffering from many different symptoms that seem to be non-related, when in fact the Digestive Systems poor health is the root cause of poor health. It all starts with your HCL status. Change towards a healthy body can begin today.

"I was beyond surprised and pleaesed with myresults. After years of struggling with nausea while exercising- and the uncomfortablefeeling of being bloated, Martin was able to successfully change all of this! Now i havea flat stomach. Thank you!"

-David B.

Gastro Test

The Gastro-test only takes 30 min and gives immediate results!
The Gastro-test will definitely and immediately show if you are: achlorhydric( creating no HCL), hyporchlorhydric( creating low,unhealthy levels of HCL), or hyperchlorhydric ( creating too much HCL which is very rare).
The Gastro-test is the only non-invasive test that will imediately tell you how well your stomach creates and distributes hydrochloric-acid. Poor HCL production is a precursor to more complex health problems that effect your athletic performance, body compostion and overall wellbeing. Call today for more info and to get tested.

Some very common signs that your HCL production is compromised.

  • Feeling bloated after eating meals, especially protein-rich meals.
  • Poor response to exercise.
  • Inability to gain muscle.
  • Inability to make performance gains.
  • Burping, hiccups and gas 1-2 hours after eating.
  • Inconsistant bowl movements.
  • Chronic illness, colds, allergies.
  • Low immune function.
  • Poor and inconsistent sleep.
  • Poor results from exercise regardless of dietary changes.
  • Poor results from your exercise program .
  • Inability to lose body-fat.
  • Low energy/lethargic.

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