I have been working out for the past 25 years with all types of programming, however, since working with Martin I have gotten the best results in the shortest period of time. Utilizing his easy to handle eating program along with his unique exercise program has helped increase muscle mass and decrease body fat. I am extremely impressed with his knowledge, enthusiasm and diverse background and approach. I would recommend Martin to anyone who needs an expert trainer who can provide nutritional programming, corrective exercises, and to help you achieve whatever goal you may have.

- Dr. Kahl Goldfarb
Doctor of Physical Therapy

Martin Alonzo had changed my perspective and my body I went to Martin in my mid fifties with a lot of pain in my sacrum... Lower back on my left side. Physical therapy wanted me to move inches and bear under 5 pounds of weight while doing it. I could tell it was immobilizing me and keeping my state of health the same.
So I did my research, looking for a method that would rehabilitate my multi-decade injury and pain. I am not an athlete; I just love to work out. As an adult, I have jogged, done aerobic classes at the gym, gone to many types of yoga, played softball etc. to keep myself in shape. But these did not keep me at a steady weight or keep my body toned or correct the injury that causes my pain.
My research came up with Martin... Thankfully! Without being the most devoted, regular client, I have come down 2 sizes and gotten into the best shape since high school in 2 years (mind you, my husband went through a year of fending off cancer during that time). Martin is motivating with a respectful approach... He has a great sense of humor and so much knowledge, he's amazing!
I am devoted and glad to be that way!"- Paula

Martin is a knowledgeable professionalthat has enlightened me with a whole new approach to my personal health and fitness. He has coached me through a significant injury and helped me to achieve results that i was unable to do on my own. Most importantly, i trust him and enjoy training with him. - Mark S. Care Fusion
Senior Management

I started training with Martin 8 months ago and i was at 193lbs with around 10% body-fat. Today i am 205 with 9% body-fat. Thanks to Martin solid understanding of exercise programing and nutrition, i was able to reach my goals. I highly recommend Martin to anyone looking for real results.-Jose L. JLMR

I have been working out off and on for over 40 years. It was not until i started working out with Martin that I realized my bodies potential. I began working with Martin 3 years ago and since then i am more agile, stronger and stable on my feet then i have ever been. His training techniques allowed me to make this progression through a series of well thought out exercises that strengthen different parts of my body until such a point my body is capable of mastering exercises i never thought possible. This has made me not only more secure in my physical self but also in everything i do day-to-day. At 56 years of age, i am in the best shape of my life. Thank you Martin.- Garry H

I have worked with Martin for almost 5 years. I started working with him to get an extra workout each week, because his studio is in my office building. I had no idea what to expect from a personal trainer- i thought maybe he would entertain me while i walked in the treadmill.
I have found working with Martin very challenging and interesting. I work with him twice a week each week, and if i could work it into my schedule, i would do more. He created exercises specifically for my bodies needs. If i have issues with my body, he modifies the exercise to help the problem and sometimes does muscle and facial manipulation to help the problem as well.His knowledge of the human body is really remarkable, and he is constantly studying to improve his knowledge. I am very thankful that i picked up the card from outside his studio door five years ago.- Marianne R. MD/Urologist

"Martin works with the Hunter Pacific Group of San Diego and his system is very complete and effective. His knowledge of nutrition and exercise combined with his testing services make his approach to physical readiness one of a kind. Thank you, Martin!- Celia Hunter-President:
Hunter Pacific Group

I have worked with Martin for many years. I am very busy; traveling often for business so i can be challenging keeping my body in good physical shape. Martin really understands this road block and always comes to the table prepared to keep my body conditioned. I trust Martin with my physical and nutritional program and i highly recommend his services to everyone looking for a customized and effective personal training program.- Darrell Basham-Owner:

GTR Global and GTR Meetings and Events

After taking the GASTRO-TEST Martin worked with me on developing a course of probiotics and supplements that helped to correct a long standing digestive issue.-Mark S. Care Fusion
Senior Management

I was beyond surprised and pleaesed with my results. After years of struggling with nausea while exercising- and the uncomfortable feeling of being bloated, Martin was able to successfully change all of this! Now i have a flat stomach. Thank you!-David B.

When I started at Performance Training Center approximately 12 weeks ago I was an over-weight, 68-year-old male taking metformin for diabetes, had little strength, and sore knees and hips with little energy. I meet Martin who designed a healthy eating program and a gentle 2-times a week personal training program for me. I have been working out with his assistant, John, who has gently pushed me to get stronger, fitter and healthier. I have lost 20 lbs., improved to a point that my doctor has taken me off diabetes drugs, and have built core and overall strength. Gone are the sore knees and hips and my energy level is beyond what I thought imaginable. Martin is really a master at developing a complete exercise and nutritional program. I have tried other trainer but none come close to the level of expertise of Martin and John. Thanks guys!!!- Len.

I just need to recommend a person who has done more for my back then anyone for many years. I have seen doctors, gone to physical therapy for years, never finding relief for my back.....then I started going to Martin. I can not recommend him enough. For the first time in many years, I have a strong back ( core) that can withstand the normal things I was not able to before. I highly recommend you check out Martin for yourself, as I will be forever great full that I did. Thank you Martin, from the bottom of my heart! !!!!'!- Stephanie Cain.

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San Diego. CA, 92103