One-on-One Personal Tele-Training
One-on-One Live Private Tele-Training
Live-Group Training
Nutrition Services

  • Live one-on-one personal tele-training services (30 or 60 min sessions)
  • Live one-on-one nutritional and digestive health counseling
  • Live Facebook group training classes with 24 hour access to classes

The Performance Training Center has been in business for 15 years. Our training staff have degrees and advanced education in Exercise Science and nutrition.

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The Performance Training Center offers all clients a very high-level approach to modern personal training. All facets of the clients goals are taken into consideration.

Martin Alonzo – Personal Trainer San Diego, CA

Master Trainer/Owner, Martin Alonzo

Martin Alonzo (owner of the Performance Training Center) offers his clients a very high-level approach to modern personal training. All facets of the clients goals are taken into consideration and merged into one comprehensive program that is easy to follow and completely designed for the individuals specific needs and goals.The Performance Training Center was designed to allow the client to reach their goals effectively and quickly, in an environment free from distractions. The Performance Training Center is the ultimate 1 on 1 personal training environment that is completely private, with complete client success in mind to achieve what matters: real results.

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Performance Training Center does

Personal Training and Corrective Exercise

Strength, Power and Performance Conditioning.

Personal Training Program

Comprehensive Structural Assessments and Program Designs.

Corrective and Restorative Exercise

Corrective and Restorative Exercise.

Nutrition Wellness Program


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Clients Speak

Clients Speak

Martin ALonzo

Personal Trainer in San Diego, CA – Martin Alonzo

Martin Alonzo and the Performance Training Center. Founded in 2005 by owner Martin Alonzo. The direction of this private, personal training Studio, is a holistic (integration of the whole person with comprehension of physical, mental, and lifestyle factors working in unison of one another) approach towards strength and conditioning, nutritional testing, corrective exercise and lifestyle coaching.

440 Upas Street. Unit 104
San Diego. CA, 92103