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Are you getting the results that you want?

Martin Alonzo is a Certified Nutritionist with over 10 years of experience and practice. He has successfully changed the bodies of hard-gainers, athletes preparing for competitions, people needing to lose more then 50 lbs, professionals in the public eyes, and people that just want and need to look their very best, through his comprehensive approach and extensive knowledge of nutrition and nutrients.

What is a comprehensive and holistic approach toward nutrition?

Optimal nutrition is nutrition that works for the specific individual based on their specific metabolic requirements and their physical, health, and well-being goals. No two people are the same-so a comprehensive nutritional program caters to the unique physiology of the person and their specific goals.

What are unique metabolic requirements?

Everybody has their own unique metabolic blueprint that has been created through genetics. This changes even from two siblings sharing the same bloodline. What this means is that your specific metabolic needs will require specific nutrients to allow your body to function optimally. So, what your body needs can and will differ greatly from what someone else's nutrient requirements will be-even someone in your family that shares the same bloodline.

How will eating specifically for my metabolic needs help me lose body fat and improve muscle mass?

Eating foods that support your unique metabolism will dramatically increase your state of wellbeing and metabolic function by

Personal Trainer � Martin Alonzo

Master Trainer/Owner, Martin Alonzo

  • Balancing blood sugar levels
  • Increasing growth hormones
  • Increasing anabolism
  • Supporting your Immune system
  • Supporting your adrenal glands
  • Supporting your thyroid
  • Getting the proper amount of macronutrients to support energy, growth, repair
  • Supporting your bodies detoxification systems
  • Supporting your digestive system
  • Insuring usable and preferred macro and mico nutrients for your body to optimize bacterial biodiversity

Along with a comprehensive approach to your specific dietary needs, Martin uses advanced testing that can measure all of your unique biomarker and GI pH, along with comprehensive stool analysis to detect possible candida, fungal, and parasitic infections that can negatively alter your bodies ability to reach optimal health.

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