Premier Personal Trainer in Coronado, California

Performance Training Center was founded by Martin Alonzo in 2005. Our facility provides a full-service gym where each can train to reach their fullest potential while optimizing their state of wellness in mind, body, and spirit. Our private, personal exercise center integrates the physical as well as the nutritional components of each client's health program to help them achieve total body wellness.

Work with an experienced personal trainer

Martin Alonzo is an experienced personal trainer who knows how to help you reach your desired goals regardless of your fitness level. He brings a varied skill set and fundamental knowledge regarding strength and conditioning, nutrition, corrective exercise, and appropriate testing

Our Services Include:

  • Personal Training Program
  • Digestive Wellness Program
  • Nutritional Wellness Program
  • Strength & Performance Conditioning
  • Program Designs & Structural Assessments
  • Restorative & Corrective Exercises
  • Nutrition

Create a Healthy, Beneficial, & Holistic Lifestyle

Martin Alonzo and staff continue to provide an exceptional level of personal training services to their clients in Coronado, CA and the nearby areas. Each client receives the benefit of his expertise, skill, and knowledge to help them live a balanced, healthy, beneficial, and holistic lifestyle. Martin is highly knowledgeable in a diverse array of areas related to health and fitness as well as biomechanics including golf biomechanics. He provides nutritionist and holistic lifestyle coaching to help you live your best life. Count on our comprehensive approach to health to ensure that you exceed your goals for improved health and fitness.

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Performance Training Center does

Strength, Power and Performance Conditioning.

Comprehensive Structural Assessments and Program Designs.

Corrective and Restorative Exercise.


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