Sex-drive, Muscle-drive, Nutrition, and Detoxification

-By Martin Alonzo

Exercise, nutrition, your libido, and detoxification- go hand-in-hand. How? Simple… you cannot excel at any one alone… meaning: you need to have a proper exercise program and proper nutrition to initiate detoxification, which allows your endocrine-system (hormones) to properly initiate.


Its widely understood now, that movement is vital for our health. Aside from controlling things like weight- exercise is the catalyst for many of our biochemical functions. The type of exercise you choose greatly determines what message you are signaling to your body, and with that, what kind of hormones you need to produce and how much. For example: anaerobic exercise is effective at breaking down muscle fibers (which creates a demand for new muscle growth) while limiting the amounts of stress hormones (corticoid-steroids) release. Aerobic exercise is effective at releasing endorphins- but can overly stimulate hormones related to weight gain (although many initially lose weight doing aerobics, its mainly muscle-breakdown). The correct exercise program is critical to your body-composition goals.


Good nutrition is what will allow for a good physique, good health, and longevity in your success. Your diet should be unique to your bodies nutrient needs, and compliment your goals. If you are trying to lose weight then you will need enough amino-acids at the right time, in order to stay anabolic and limit muscle-wasting-since muscle burns way more calories all the time, 24 hours a day. Nutrient deficiencies can not only set you back in your progress but also could lead into health problems that you may not associate with your diet. For example: Zinc is vital for testosterone and sperm production. A zinc deficiency coupled with over training can create poor drive (including your sex-drive) and low sperm counts. The great news is that most deficiencies caught early can be easily turned around.


This is very important and specific to you as an individual. Unfortunately most people are given poor information on how to properly detox their bodies. Our bodies are constantly trying to detox the barrage of toxins we come into contact with everyday. If you are burden by too many toxins you will have a difficult time building your body the way you want. For example: If you are not able to break down hormones, eliminate, and rebuild new ones…your ability to regenerate will be compromised (this means poor adaptation to exercise and low or no sex-drive.

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